The National Science and Engineering Infrastructure Agency said it plans to promote food security in the country by completing a local agricultural machinery and equipment development institute in Imo State.

In a statement, NASENI State Executive Vice President/CEO Professor Mohammed Haruna revealed plans to complete the institute during a visit to Imo State Governor Hope Uzodinma in Owerri.

He said the institute was established as part of measures to promote food security in the country and would be operational soon.

According to him, President Major General Mohammad Buhari was inspired by the AMEDI Mbaise mission and quickly directed NASENI to establish similar institutions in six geopolitical regions of the country to accelerate the government’s efforts in Nigeria’s food security.

“NASENI responded immediately by proposing the establishment of AMEDI in the remaining five geopolitical districts,” he said.

“Therefore, the institute in Imo state must be a pacesetter for the revolution that is about to take place in the agricultural sector.”

Haruna explained the development of agricultural equipment and machinery and their production systems and the transfer of capabilities to the private sector satellite industry for mass production.

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