On Tuesday, an unidentified man was killed by a fire at the newly built Provideus Bank headquarters in Adeora Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos state.

Two other people were injured in a fire in the generator section of the bank.

The victims are said to be a white man and two other colleagues who were standing on the generator fuel tank while using a drilling machine on it.

The fuel tank containing the diesel exploded, knocking the three men flying.

A witness, Shola Adebayo, said the contractors started working on the fuel tanks around 9 a.m. before the explosion.

He said: “I was sitting at my post when I saw a white man and two other workers. They were trying to drill a hole in the generator tank from the top. The first one they drilled, the drill object Was cut and they had to remove it and fix another one. They did a second one and the whole thing started vibrating. They changed the object five times. The tank exploded on their fifth attempt.

“Two of them were thrown into the road while the rest got stuck and the fire caught up with him. The fire was so big he couldn’t escape. The people around were really working hard. They were put out before the fire brigade arrived. Fire man.”

Another witness, who declined to be named for security reasons, said two survivors were seriously injured.

He said: “I saw the white man and another man on the floor. The other man was bleeding from his nose and couldn’t even get up from the floor. He was taken to hospital. The white man was also injured on one side of his abdomen but he struggled I stood up and walked alone to the nearby hospital.”

This reporter observed that a patrol car belonging to the rapid response team parked near the entrance of the bank was burned.

A security guard who works for a company in the area, speaking on condition of anonymity due to the nature of the job, said people were looking for police to remove the car, but they were nowhere to be found.

He said: “The explosion happened immediately and the diesel in the fuel tank started to spread to where the car was parked. That’s when we started looking for the police because none of them were in the car, but we didn’t see them. When they arrived, the car It’s on fire.”

State Police public relations officer Benjamin Hundeyin confirmed the incident.

He said: “The fire started on the premises of the bank on Tuesday morning. Our vehicles were burned but our officers were not affected. One person was killed and the others were injured. The injured have been hospitalised.”

Amodu Shakiru, public education officer at the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Department, said initial investigations showed that the generators were not emptied of fuel while the repair work was in progress.

“You can’t repair a generator without emptying its contents,” he said. “If you have to repair a generator, you have to empty the fuel inside. Unfortunately, that’s what caused the fire and the generator burned out.”

Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service chief Adeseye Margaret said in a statement that the incident is under investigation.

She said: “Unfortunately, a male adult with severe burns beyond recognition was recovered and handed over from the Bar-Beach unit to police, while the four-storey commercial building was rescued and RRS police No injuries.”

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