The Edo state government said Wednesday that it was found that the unsuspecting public paid 1.5 billion guilders to land grabbers in the Irhirhi-Obazagbon-Ogheghe region between 2020 and 2022.

It reiterated its determination to put an end to illegal practices and to recover funds for the compensation of 499 victims identified by the Verification Commission.

At a press conference in Benin, Communications and Training Commissioner Chris Nechhar called on potential owners in the state to conduct due diligence before starting to develop their properties.

Nehikhare condemned the activities of land grabbers in the state, saying the government was concerned that such huge sums of money could fall into the wrong hands, stressing that those who have been arrested and those who are still at large will be charged in court.

He said: “The Edo state government is determined to clean up the state’s land management. After reclaiming government land on the Irhirhi-Obazagbon-Ogheghe axis, land grabbers were found to have collected 15 of the 499 victims who came forward to complain over the past two years. billion guilders.

“The state government is determined to recover the suspects’ money and compensate the victims. We have arrested 10 land grabbers so far and they will soon be charged in court.

“The government also calls on Edoans to conduct due diligence on any property before development. This includes finding out if the land is mortgaged and registering their plans with the relevant authorities. We also thank the Edoans for their support so far.”

According to him, the management of land exercise will be extended to all areas of the state.

Nehikhare also appealed to owners along the first and second axes of Ugbor, who have encroached on roads by converting their residences into shopping malls, returning to their fenced setbacks.

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