Mohammad Saleh, Special Adviser on Internal Revenue Generation Issues to the Governor of Kano State, urged the new fellowship recipients of the Chartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria to view the award as a challenge, not just a title.

He was speaking at the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s scholarship award ceremony in Lagos.

Saleh, who is also a member of CITN, said: “Being a member of the institute will bring you many opportunities in private practice and government, but please note that opportunities always come with greater challenges. I wish you The participation was fruitful and had the greatest success.”

He congratulated the recipients of this year’s CITN Scholarships and CITN for successfully hosting this event to reward its Associate Members for outstanding performance in the field of taxation and tax practice.

Saleh, who was the keynote speaker, spoke about the importance of taxation as an important tool for mobilizing income.

This, he said, was crucial to achieving the overall development goals and achieving the entire country’s fiscal space to fund the necessary spending to achieve sustainable development.

“Taxes are now the main source of revenue for the federal government and some state governments, ahead of oil rental income,” he said.

In his remarks, he further commended the Institute’s leadership for spearheading the latest developments in collaboration with the Federal Revenue Service, whose members have so far been more relevant in Nigeria’s tax practice.

He noted that from October 2022, FIRST’s announcement that all audited accounts must be certified and stamped by the CITN is one of the greatest achievements and protections for tax practitioners since the institute’s inception.

Noting that much of the research in the field of taxation comes from businesses in the informal sector, he urged the institute to support the development of processes and mechanisms to properly tax informal businesses.

He encouraged the institute’s future fellowship recipients to see the award as a challenge, not a fad or just a title.

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