Mr. Ralph Mupita, CEO and President of MTN Group, said that 5G is very important for Africa’s economic growth and development.

Mupita said this in a statement to the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos on Tuesday.

“Importantly, we highlight how the use of 5G for B2B applications and profits will be a catalyst for growth in Africa.

“I think we will find within five years, and possibly even sooner, that on the African continent, 5G will enable economies to accelerate their industrial development in education, agriculture, mining or transport.

“There has been significant investment in 5G coverage in a country where Nigerian citizens and businesses are leading the way.

“If we achieve 50% population coverage by 2025, Nigeria will lead many nation states in developed markets through national coverage,” Mupita said.

He added that 5G technology will be a critical infrastructure for the country, enabling Nigeria to deliver on its commitments and capabilities.

Mupita said the MTN Group remains committed to ensuring users access and deploy cutting-edge technologies that allow them to stay connected in a rapidly changing world.

“The desire to deliver a modern, connected life to more than 280 million customers has driven leading technology organizations to continuously deliver diverse digital solutions across telecommunications, financial technology and enterprise,” he said.

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