PUNCH was informed that no fewer than 1,718 deaths were recorded in the third quarter of July 2022 to September 2022.

The deaths were caused by violence from Boko Haram attacks, militias herders, gang clashes and terrorists across the country.

A report by SBM Intelligence on Tuesday showed that 72 of those killed in the period were security personnel.

A further breakdown of the death toll in the third quarter of the year shows 529 civilians; 684 terrorists; 318 Boko Haram; 48 police; 38 kidnappers; 31 armed robbers; 22 are vigilantes; 11 are cultists; IPOB 13; two NSCDCs; 1 customs and 21 soldiers.

Additionally, the death toll by geopolitical region shows 572 in the Northeast; 536 in the Northwest; 333 in the North Central; 53 in the Southwest; 129 in the Southeast; and 95 in the South-South.

In response, security expert Oladele Fajana urged security agencies to step up their efforts to reduce the number of civilians and people killed in violent attacks in the country.

He said: “There are a lot of casualties. We want security personnel to step up their efforts to free the country from criminals. They should always be one step ahead of these criminals. In addition to calls for technology to be deployed in the country’s fight against insecurity, I recommend We use regional power more. This will deprive criminals of their freedom to operate in our unmanaged spaces. Comfort the families of security personnel killed while fighting for their country.”

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