On Monday, the newly appointed Osun state police chief, Mr. Falier, said there would be no hiding places for criminals under his watch.

In his first interview with reporters in Osobo, Faleye then demanded that criminals living in the state relocate immediately.

The Ekiti-born police chief also told interstate criminals who came to Osun that they would not be spared, saying the command would spare no effort to navigate the state of crime.

“The command will fight criminals – kidnappers, cultists, drug dealers, traffickers, and their patrons, buyers, advisors and affiliations inside and outside the country,” he said.

“Under my watch, Osun State will be a no-go zone for criminals as there is nowhere in the state that would facilitate their activities.

“We will go all out to wage war against crime and criminality in all its forms. Therefore, I take this opportunity to declare Osun State a no-go zone for criminals. If you live here, please relocate, if you have entered State, please stop. Otherwise, you’ll run into your Waterloo.”

However, he assured law-abiding citizens of the state that they are safe, stressing that the command will do everything possible within the law to ensure the protection of life and property.

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