The ousted Emir Kano and former Nigerian central bank governor Muhammadu Sanusi insists the Arabic inscription, also known as “Ajami”, will not be removed from the redesigned naira notes .

Sanusi, who is Khalifa, the Islamic sect of Tijaniyya in Nigeria, dismissed rumors that CBN was willing to remove the inscription, adding that he met with CBN president Godwin Emefiele, who confirmed to him that the inscription would remain in the redesigned currency.

PUNCH reported on Wednesday that CBN plans to redesign its N100, N200, N500 and N1000 banknotes by December 2022.

Despite the controversy over the announcement by the country’s top bank, Finance Minister Zainab Ahmed claimed to be unaware of Emefiele’s plans in front of the president and Major General (Ret) Muhammadu Buhari said he was aware of the redesign.

Some Islamic scholars also accused the federal government of removing the Ajami inscription from the redesigned notes.

Sanusi, however, discredited the positions of Islamic religious leaders, encouraging them to seek clarification on such issues rather than concocting misinformation for public consumption.

He said: “People have been speculating about changes to some naira notes. I have heard comments from various academics, some of which have suggested that the Ajami from the naira notes will be removed.

“I want to use this medium to confirm to the authorities of the Muslim world that there are no such plans.

“Since the problem arose, we’ve spoken to some people at the central bank and they have confirmed to me that such a scheme does not exist.

“When the misunderstanding became common, I spoke to the CBN governor himself, and he also confirmed to me that there were no plans to remove Ajami.

“I would therefore like to call on Islamic scholars to stop taking action on unsubstantiated reports.

“I know some academics who made these comments did so without investigating the information provided to them,” Sanusi insisted.

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