Actor Pope Odonwodo, aka Junior Pope, believes that wives should not be completely dependent on their husbands financially. He said that wives should also support their husbands in some ways.

He says Sunday Scoop“I don’t mind my wife being the breadwinner of my family. But in Africa, that could mean something different. Most men expect their wives to earn more than they do. However, it’s the 21st century and we No more wives of the older generation.

“My mother raised the eight of us at home while my father worked out of the house. In my own home, I was responsible for most of the purchases, while my wife handled the smaller things. A woman who is completely dependent on her husband should Find something to do.”

Talking about why he does more skits than movies, he said: “In one’s career, one has to choose the type of character one wants to play. I can’t be in all the movies. I choose the characters I play. That’s why every movie I’ve been in is a good movie. Some people offer me movie roles, but they’re usually watery and something I’ve done before. I want to be challenged. When we have We’ve lost the (traditional) Nollywood audience when it comes to disc and video clubs.

“That’s why now an actor can do a thousand movies and still be unpopular because those movies are only shown on the internet. Movie budgets these days are usually huge. Now only the big movies get into the cinema because the change is The only constant in life. A friend of mine told me that I have a comedic side and that I should try (making skits).”

However, the actor insists that Nollywood is profitable for him. “It wasn’t until recently that I got busy,” he said. “I’ve been acting professionally since 2008, and everything I own, including my car and house, has come from my involvement with Nollywood.”

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