Popular marketing communications company Verdant Zeal recently premiered a short film titled: representatives.

Comprising more than 40 child actors and more experienced actors such as Ayo Adesanya, the film depicts social evil in sociopolitics.

The premiere of the film coincides with the company’s tenth Innovation seriestheme, African contenttons and new consciousnessand the launch of a web-based platform called Archhub Africa.

According to Dipo Adesida, the company’s chief operating officer, the short is the first of several films the company has produced. American Heart Association.

Talk about what inspired the launch aha, Adesida said: “It is the pivot for creating engaging, educational, entertaining and enduring content with Nigerian and African themes. When we say aha, It’s like an exclamation. We want to create amazing content. We want to be able to bring what people know into the conversation in an interesting form. We want to be able to bring certain social issues to life. “

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