On Sunday, President Major General Mohammad Buhari (retired) called for an emergency meeting with security chiefs in Abuja.

The meeting will “further review and strengthen the country’s security network,” according to a statement signed by the president’s senior special assistant for media and propaganda, Garba Shehu, late Sunday.

The statement was titled “President Buhari calls for urgent security meeting to delay commissioning of the NASENI complex”.

“The president, who originally planned to commission the National Science and Engineering Infrastructure Agency’s new technology and innovation complex, will be briefed by security chiefs and comment on areas that need more attention.

“Commissioning of the NASENI complex will take place at a later date,” the statement read.

Amid travel warnings issued by the US and UK, Buhari on Friday urged Nigerians to remain calm and vigilant.

Buhari said the safety of Nigerians remains the government’s top priority, noting that security personnel are actively removing threats to keep citizens safe.

He also expressed optimism that the nation will emerge victorious in the current challenges given the ongoing efforts of the military and other security and intelligence agencies with active support from civilians.

According to him, “Nigeria is no exception, listing terrorist threats in foreign governments’ travel advisories to their citizens.

“The UK and US travel warnings also point to a high likelihood of terrorist attacks in many Western European countries.

“In fact, the UK and US advice for their citizens to travel to each other’s countries contains the same warnings. Unfortunately, terror is a world reality.”

However, he said this did not mean an attack in Abuja was imminent.

“Security measures in and around the FCT have been enhanced since the July raid on the prison.

“Increased monitoring and interception of terrorist communications ensures further detection of potential threats upstream. Attacks are being thwarted. Security personnel are actively neutralizing threats to keep citizens safe – much of their work is invisible and It must be confidential,” he added.

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