Another professional bar association, distinct from the Nigerian Bar Association, has been established.

The association is called the Nigerian Law Society and is headed by Mr. Kunle Ogunba of SAN.

This was contained in a statement issued on Sunday by Mr Douglas Ogbankwa, LSN’s national propaganda minister.

To date, legal practitioners in Nigeria have only been regulated under the umbrella of the Nigerian Bar Association, established in 1933.

In the statement, Ogbankwa said that LSN emerged to redefine the thinking of the founders of the legal world.

Ogbankwa calls LSN “the new sheriff in town”.

He described the legal profession in Nigeria as a tortuous history from “sublime to absurd”.

Ogbankwa said the LSN was established to align Nigerian legal practice with international best practice.

“In redefining the idea of ​​the founders of the Nigerian legal community, the Nigerian Bar Association was formed, a new professional association for lawyers known as the Nigerian Bar Association.

“This is in line with international best practice and allows for an alternative to ensure lawyers thrive in areas that share their values,” he said.

According to Ogbankwa, in a letter dated October 24, the LSN’s interim national executive committee informed the judge body of the association’s existence and its state officials.

“The LSN has members across Nigeria and exists to empower legal professionals through quality membership services, promote access to justice, preserve and advance the cause of justice, and promote the rule of law through advocacy and good governance,” he said.

He listed LSN’s executives as follows: Ogunba (SAN), President: Mr. Nimi Walson-Jack, Vice President; Mr. Abdulqadir Alhaji Sani, Secretary; Mr. Olasupo Ojo, Minister of Welfare; and Mrs. Chioma Ferguson, Treasurer.

The other executive members are Mr. Douglas Ogbankwa, Minister of Publicity; Mr. Zara Umar Yakubu, Financial Secretary; Mrs. Alice Ogaku Awonugba, Assistant Secretary; and Mr. Hassan Sheriff, Assistant Minister of Publicity.

“In our chronicle of law, with unusual and necessary reforms on the horizon, and a timeless egalitarian gesture to freedom of legal association, LSN also writes about your noble body, introduce yourself,” he said.


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