This Jitters in the Federal Capital Territory sparked by terror alerts in the US and UK are starting to affect businesses in the capital, Sunday Punch Study on Saturday.

Despite repeated assurances from President Major General (Ret) Buhari and various security agencies that there is no need to panic and that people should go about their business without fear, many residents of Abuja appear to be staying away from large gatherings, shopping malls and entertainment venue.

Our reporters visiting different parts of the city noticed that some major roads had fewer vehicles, while some gardens and leisure centres had only a handful of people.

Usually busy Lokogoma Road has fewer drivers, commuters and pedestrians, as is the Berger, Wuse and Gwarimpa areas of the city.

In addition, Shoprite Mall, Apo and Wuse’s Novare Centre, which had seen a flurry of activity, also had fewer shoppers than usual on Saturday. The situation was no different at several other malls our reporters visited.

Waiters at some malls told our reporters that since the terror alert was issued, both customers and sales have declined.

A Novare Centre salesperson, who did not want to be named, said compared to previous patronages, only a small number of customers had come to the mall because of the terror alert in the past few days.

Apo, another waiter at Shoprite Mall, noted that her boss is considering closing the store due to poor sales. However, this has nothing to do with the cost of running a store without corresponding sales or sponsorships.

A shopper at the Lugby Shoprite, calling herself Betty, noted that turnout was low compared to the previous week.

She said: “The mall was a bit dry today. If you were here last week, you would easily know the difference. People sometimes go outside to take pictures, but not today. Also, people used to queue up at the mall to buy bread, but not today. Queuing. I also noticed that the pay points that used to be crowded were almost empty.”

One of our reporters also visited the Tiger Bar in Lugbe and the popular Magicland Amusement Park, where there are only a few fun seekers.

Meanwhile, National Children’s Parks and Zoo director Aminu Muhammad said the park was searched for visitors and closed at 6:30pm to ensure everyone left “in time”.

He said: “We make sure everyone who comes in is thoroughly screened and if we suspect anything, we report it immediately. You noticed we had an army checkpoint before you arrived, so we’ve been working together and we’re in Timely closing at 6:30pm.”

At Millennium Park, one of our reporters saw two armed police and private security at the gate. A staff member explained that the park maintains its normal 6 p.m. closing time.

In Central Park, one of our reporters saw five bodyguards at the gate, all with tactical gear. One of them kept a dog on a leash, while the other two used electronic detectors to scan visitors and vehicles.

Two armed police officers and other security personnel in tactical gear sat at various points in the park. Efforts to speak to the manager were unsuccessful, as he declined to comment, insisting he was busy.

JB closed

Meanwhile, a construction company, Julius Berger, has closed operations in the capital.

The company’s managing director and corporate safety manager, Lars Bichter and Poul Nielsen, advised their employees to avoid public spaces on weekends in separate statements on Saturday, adding that temporary relocation to other locations may be considered.

The statement added: “It is recommended to avoid all public activities in the FCT setting, including supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs and other places where many people gather. This advice applies from the evening of 28 October 2022 to Monday 2022. October 31st morning.

“It is still possible to move to other JBN work or residential locations throughout the weekend. Your safety is our primary concern.”

Julius Berger is the second company to close its operations following a terror alert.

military mount checkpoint

After receiving the alert, Sunday Punch The military was observed to set up checkpoints at various locations, including Wumba and Kabusa Junction in the Lokogoma district.

This is in addition to patrols by the army, police, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Forces and ongoing counterintelligence operations by the Department of State Services and other intelligence agencies.

Our reporters also observed a police presence in Abuja’s Wuse, Gwarimpa, Kubwa, Apo and Berger areas.

Speaking of the increased security, FCT police spokeswoman Josephine Adeh said it was a measure to boost the morale of residents. She stressed that there was no reason to panic.

She said: “There is no reason to panic in the FCT. The increased patrolling by our people is to boost the confidence of the residents, although we have always had patrols before. We urge residents to conduct their legitimate business peacefully.”

‘Explosive report false’

At the same time, the Force Headquarters described false reports about the placement of bombs inside the FCT as false reports.

In a statement on Saturday, police public relations officer Olumuyiwa Adhobi warned against spreading the report, saying: “I believe that such rumours continue to spread to further create among local citizens and residents. More panic doesn’t do our country any good. FCT and Nigeria in general.

“We reiterate that the Federal Capital Territory is safe, there is no imminent threat and the FCT is not as bomb-filled as the news has speculated. We therefore urge the residents of the FCT and all Nigerians to disregard this alleged attack on our Fake news that creates fear among the people and heats up the regime.

“We will continue to implement all effective strategies of action against the activities of non-state actors and other criminal elements in the country.”

Meanwhile, civil society group Solidarity Advocacy Group expressed confidence on Saturday that the armed forces and other security agencies will adequately respond to terror alerts issued by the United States and Britain.

In a statement from its convener Ifeanyi Aigbedion, the UAG said the country’s enemies would lose the war.

Taiwan warns citizens

The Taiwanese government also warned its citizens not to travel to Abuja and Sandton in South Africa after the United States and some other Western countries issued terror alerts.

The ROC News Agency, Taiwan’s influential news agency Focus Taiwan, reported Saturday that “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday warned Taiwanese citizens not to travel to Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and Sandton, the financial center of Johannesburg. The terror released by the United States and some other Western countries alarm.

The ministry also instructed Taiwan’s representative offices in Nigeria and South Africa to alert Taiwanese residing in these countries of possible terrorist attacks to prevent them from traveling to the targeted areas, the foreign ministry said in a statement on Saturday. The US, UK, Canada, Australia and some European countries have issued safety warnings to their citizens in Nigeria due to the “elevated threat of terrorist attack” in Abuja. “

“Turkish Drone”

The ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Nigeria, Hidayet Bayraktar, said that drones and helicopters from Turkey will soon arrive in Nigeria as part of efforts to strengthen the security architecture.

Turkey is one of the countries with the best drones, as some of their products have been used in the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Speaking at the 99th National Day commemoration of the Republic of Turkey in Abuja on Friday, Baraktar described Turkey’s security support to Nigeria as part of a defense cooperation contract signed between the two countries in 2021, NAN reported. .

Bayraktar said: “Our two countries signed a record defense contract last year. Taking this opportunity, I am proud to announce that our two flagship defense industrial platforms, the Bayraktar (TB-2) UAV and (T-149) ATAK helicopters will arrive in Nigeria.

“We are confident that the new Turkish defense products will support the efforts of the Nigerian government and contribute greatly to the peace, prosperity and security of our fellow Nigerians.”

Bayraktar said the Turkish government also expects the Nigerian government to respond to its legitimate security concerns by taking the necessary measures to combat the strong presence of the “Nigerian FETO terrorist organization”.

“Still the only obstacle to the further development of our bilateral relationship, we call on Nigeria not to allow terrorist groups to undermine our good relationship by allowing terrorist groups to finance their illicit goals and activities by generating revenue in this country,” he added.

Belaktar said 2022 marks the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Nigeria, gaining momentum with the high-level exchange of visits between President Recep Erdogan in October 2021 and President Buhari in December 2021.

He said that with the current pace of commercial relations, he believes Turkey will soon achieve its goal of reaching $5 billion in bilateral trade with Nigeria, one of its largest trading partners in sub-Saharan Africa.

“These high-level visits provide an opportunity to underscore our shared goal of strengthening our bilateral relationship in various fields, particularly in business, defense industry, energy, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, education, tourism and culture,” he added.

Nigerian Foreign Minister Amb Zubairu Dada has confirmed that Nigeria and Turkey have seen an increase in trade and bilateral relations since the high-level exchange of visits between the two presidents in 2021.

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