The unidentified driver of a blue commercial truck marked LSD697YD collided with an unidentified driver of a commercial blue and white Mitsubishi L300 bus with license plate LEH596XA, killing three people.

The fatal crash happened on Friday on the Onitsha Head Bridge off the Asaba-Onitsha Highway.

According to statistics, the crash involved 10 people, including 6 adult men and 4 adult women. Three people, two men and a woman, were killed on the spot and seven others were injured.

A witness said the victims were pedestrians walking off the bridge.

The rescue team of the Federal Road Safety Corps from Onitsha RS5.31 took the victims to the hospital, where the doctors on duty confirmed the deaths of three people and the bodies were stored in the hospital morgue.

The accident was confirmed by Margaret Onabe, acting district public education officer for the FRSC in Anambra, on behalf of district commander, who said the injured victims were currently receiving treatment.

Onabe attributed the likely causes of the fatal accident to brake failure and mechanical failure.

She said: “The truck broke down and broke down on the bridge. Seeing a van pulling another vehicle over the bridge, the truck driver sensed that the trailer might come back later to tow his car. He moved his vehicle quickly. , no bug fixes.

“The driver moved, the brakes on the bridge failed, lost control of the vehicle and hit three pedestrians who were walking off the bridge.

“Getting to where the Ojukwu statue was, it finally collided with a bus and crashed. After that, the driver followed.

She added that ground rescue teams managed the traffic to ensure no vehicles were blocking.

Adeoye Ireleui, commander of the Anambra State Military Region and regiment commander, wished the wounded a speedy recovery, expressed sympathy to the families of the victims and prayed for their souls to rest in peace.

He urged motorists to regularly service and maintain their vehicles to minimum safety standards before hitting the road.

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