Nigerian police on Saturday debunked reports that the Federal Capital Territory was riddled with bombs.

Police said on the news and social media that the US had planted a bomb in the FCT over a terror alert over a possible attack in Abuja, which police described as a fake news report.

In a statement from the force’s public relations officer Olumuyiwa Adejobi, police condemned the spreading of lies by an individual “considered to be Nigeria’s peace ambassador and patriotic representative of national unity”.

“I don’t think it will do our country any good to continue to spread this terrible rumour, further creating more panic among the citizens and residents of the FCT and across Nigeria,” the statement read.

“We still reiterate that the Federal Capital Territory is safe, there is no imminent threat and the FCT has not been filled with bombs as the news has speculated. We therefore urge the residents of the FCT and Nigerians in general to ignore this alleged move in Fake news that creates fear among our people and heats up the regime.

“We will continue to implement all effective strategies of action against the activities of non-state actors and other criminal elements in the country.”

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