On Saturday, residents of the Kurudu police estate in Abuja protested what they said was the mishandling of the estate’s plans, as well as security threats and armed robbery inside the estate.

Residents held up placards to block the main entrance to the estate.

Speaking to our reporter, Oregbesan Olalekan, vice-president of the Kurudu Police Estate Owners and Residents Association, said the association had written as many as 30 letters to the Commissioner of Police through the FCT Police Commissioner, but had not taken advantage.

According to him, the developer did not follow the master plan of the estate and did not ensure the safety of the house, noting that the estate had many porous entrances and residents were repeatedly attacked and robbed.

“We are in a very serious security threat situation in the country. That’s what really sparked the protests. Our lives are not safe. We have more than 10 porous places on this estate and if you don’t want to follow the gate, there are people Can follow; in housing estates, police estates; one of the biggest loopholes, it cost almost a million naira, we sealed off that place. You’ll be shocked to hear the robbery. That’s where the robbers go place, as it is directly related to the Kurudu community”.

Olalekan said that as residents and citizens of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory, the needs of residents are for a safer environment.

“We don’t ask for anything personal. We just want to live in peace and comfort in a place that we bought with our money and sweat. That’s all we ask for as Nigerian citizens and the FCT. We’re just asking; let our The estate is habitable, let everything be done in accordance with the laws governing the estate, and we’re fine.”

He further added that residents had to take turns to be vigilant about the estate.

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