The People’s Democratic Party’s candidate for governor, Dr Abdulaziz Addilan, aka Jandor, refuted all allegations that 5,000 members of the Lagos 4 Lagos movement defected to Lagos state. Statement of the Progressive Conference.

Addilan made the announcement at a press conference in Ikeja on Friday, where he described the actions of Lagos State Lieutenant Governor Dr Obafemi Hamzat and other APC stakeholders, He took in some defectors from his camp on Thursday as a way to deceive the unsuspecting. members of the public.

He said: “I am calling this briefing to tell the people of Lagos State that at Lagos 4 Lagos we have not lost any members because of what happened yesterday. Two days ago we learned of the drowning The Lagos APC said they would take in members of the Jandor Lagos4Lagos team. They said it was Jandor and the Lagos4Lagos team who defected to the APC. It shows that in Lagos state, God gave us a brand and that brand is now Lagos state Tormentor of the outgoing APC government.

“That’s why they are desperate and ready to do anything just to make themselves look good to people or to discredit our position. But the other thing I want to bring to our attention is that they say 5,000 people left and moved Go to their party and I’m sure you saw what happened yesterday.

“Maybe the people they signed up didn’t bring people to the venue because we’ve counted the number of people they put on our shirts; they’re under 50. What worries me is the people you’re supposed to respect politically, like Lagos State, a lieutenant governor that we thought was better than the governor, sat there with 20 people who then sold it to them in the name of betrayal.”

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