U.S. rapper Curtis Jackson III, better known as 50 Cent, mocked rapper Kanye West for saying he was “unrelated to himself” after a sustained backlash for his anti-Semitic remarks Disconnected.”

West joked on Thursday about cutting ties with himself as brands continue to have a close relationship with him over his anti-Semitic remarks, the Daily Mail reported.

West retweeted a fake news headline concocted by British Rap News that read: “Ye has reportedly cut ties with Kanye West.”

The rapper made fun of himself after claiming to lose $2 billion in a day, adding in the caption, “Have to cut ties, bro.”

50 Cent Shortly after, he caught on an Instagram trend of satire, making fun of Yeh’s crumbling empire, sharing his post alongside the caption, “Curtis Jackson reportedly cuts ties with 50 Cent.”

West liked 50 Cent’s post, but deleted his own original post.

The two have clashed several times in the past, and have reportedly been at odds for more than a decade.

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