According to The PUNCH, former Super Falcons coach Godwin Izlein said it was time for senior players Onome Ebi, Francisca Ordega and others to step down from the women’s national team.

At the last Women’s Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco in July, Randy Valdrum’s team had both veteran and fresh blood, Ebi (39), Tochukwu Olehi (35), Rita Chikwelu (34), Osinachi Veteran on the Ohale (30) and Aldegaard (29) teams.

However, the nine-time African champions have all lost three matches against young South African, Moroccan and Zambian teams, with many blaming older players for the team’s poor performance in Morocco.

Following the draw for next year’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, Ezlein, who led his team to WAFCON glory in 2004, said Nigeria would have to give up some older players if they were to perform well at the World Cup.

“I have no doubts about the ability of the Falcons to perform, but the question is, are we ready to play with the right people? If the coach picks the right players, I’m sure we’ll go. What I mean by the right players Yes he should play young players because old players are out of date. Football is no longer for old legs, it’s for young players who work hard. We should all call on those in charge because now is not the time to Time for anyone to pay their respects. They serve their country and their time is gone. They should make room for young people,” Ezzilean told fist.

“Players like Onome Ebi, Francisca Ordega should make room for the girls in the U-20 Championships this year. We should stop picking players by name and play players who are hungry but still have something to offer. We Can’t continue to play with players who were injured after a game and left out of the game, leaving the team short of a player.”

He added: “Ebi was with me in 2004 and I don’t know what she’s still doing on the team? You can imagine what a girl who was with me in 2004 was still doing on the team. Even then she was with me 10 years together and she can’t be on the team anymore. The problem with such aged legs is that when attackers grab them, they can’t turn around, they’ll foul or pretend to be injured. If we fail, we’ll accept us failure, instead of making excuses after getting tired of walking for the World Cup.”

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