The Alliance of Tinubu/Uba Sani Support Groups, a Kaduna-based All Progressive Congress support group, warned PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar not to take advantage of the plight of the people to play politics.

The group also urged Nigerians to be wary of Atiku, adding that he has consistently shown that he is not a man of his word.

The organisation’s director general, Mr Mock Kure, said this in a press statement to Kaduna journalists on Thursday, while reacting to widely circulated reports that Atiku was said to have sent two patriotic Nigerians to the Kid awarded scholarship he lost his life while trying to save people caught in Bayelsa floods.

The panel noted that when Dr Silas Adamu; his wife Mercy Silas-Adam and their daughter Miss Joy Silas were killed in a tragic accident in Kaduna, the former vice-president appointed his senior special assistant to youth and support groups Amb . Aliyu Abbas, who is also the director general of the Atiku Care Foundation, offered on his behalf “an automatic employment opportunity for the deceased’s eldest son Kelvin and scholarships for his two youngest children”.

“It is an established fact that the PDP presidential candidate has so far failed to deliver on his promises. He has continued to make similar promises in Bayelsa state.

“So we want to call on Nigerians to continue doing this in a way that wants to help orphans, because the PDP presidential candidate is only interested in headlines that will help him get votes, not kids.”

“…His predecessor was full of unfulfilled promises,” Kure added.

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