The former governor of Anambra State, Mr Willy Obiano, denied that he regretted letting his successor and current governor, Professor Chukuma Soludo, serve as governor.

Obiano responded to a widely circulated rumour and claimed he told some people at a meeting that he regretted making Soludo the state’s governor.

Rumors also cited Obiano as saying he discussed impeachment action against Soludo with Lieutenant Governor Dr. Onyekachukuu Ibezim and State Assembly Speaker Uche Okafor.

His chief publicist, Tony Nezianya, issued a statement to reporters in Awka on Thursday, further reacting, with the former governor insisting he never said such a thing.

In a statement, Obiano said he had renewed confidence in Soldo’s performance and governance.

The statement read: “I have not expressed my concerns about him on any forum. I have never said to any person or group that I am disappointed in him.

”I never asked any questions about campaign finance for my wife, who was looking for tickets to North Anambra.

”I’ve never been interviewed for anything like this. The author of this poem is playing a prank to create discord, and he did not have my authorization.

“I declare unequivocally that whoever did it was a hoax maker.

”I never said anything like that. I have never discussed my wife’s funding with you.

”This clearly shows that the comment is fake and the work of a fake news purveyor.

“I am confident that Governor Soludo will live up to Ndi Anambra’s high hopes.”

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