Perekeme Kpodoh, a former security adviser in Bayelsa state, implored Governor Douye Diri to deploy the state’s accumulated ecological funds to help victims of the state’s ravaging floods.

Describing Governor Dirie’s repeated calls for federal aid as unacceptable, he urged the governor to first demonstrate the ability of the resources at his disposal.

In a statement from Yenagoa on Thursday, the chairman of the All Progressive Congress insisted that it was time for Diri to use the billions of dollars his government has received so far as ecological funds to mitigate the damage caused by the floods and fully alleviate the people’s suffering. pain. people.

He said that despite warnings that Bayelsa and some other states would be inundated by major floods, Dirie did nothing to prepare the state for natural disasters.

Kpodoh said: “People should hold Governor Duyediri accountable and force him to attribute all the money he has received so far to the Eco Fund. Money like this is for a time like this. Shout out and seek outside help is Not enough. What did you do with the available resources?

“Diri’s intervention was late and insufficient in the first place. There were warnings that Bayelsa and some other states would be flooded. But the governor went about his business without making provisions to mitigate flooding.

“Nothing was done. All sewers were not cleaned. People were not aware and prepared for this disaster. Higher ground was not built. We saw how the Kaduna state government did well for citizens before the flood Prepare.

“We also saw how Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike immediately set up a task force and issued 1 billion naira to the four local government areas affected by the floods. But Bayelsa Governor waited until the floods engulfed the entire state, killing the Only when the helpless died, the meager N450m relief supplies were released.”

APC loyalists complained that Diri embarrassed Bayelsa after a viral video showed him dispatching relief supplies, each handing out a cup of rice, beans and gary to devastated and traumatized flood victims.

“We saw that video and we were embarrassed. It is impossible to imagine that an oil-rich country like Bayelsa would deepen the suffering of its traumatized citizens in the event of a disaster,” he said.

Kpodoh noted that Diri’s ability to govern had been tested by the floods, but he regretted that the governor had tragically failed by playing with himself in the gallery and showing the world that he was “a helpless crying child.”

He said the governor screwed up the flood’s great opportunity to salvage his image because of what he called his poor leadership style, and advised him to abandon any idea of ​​seeking re-election.

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