Pastor William Kumuyi, founder and superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, has advised voters across the country to consider their future and vote for credible candidates in the 2023 elections.

Kumuyi gave the advice while speaking to journalists in the Karna local government area in Rivers state, ahead of the week-long Deep Life Bible Church crusade in the area.

The global crusade on the theme of “Supernatural Freedom through Christ” will be held at the Billabee Memorial Grammar School in Bory.

The cleric called on those in the corridors of power to be fair to their constituents and observe democratic principles in order to live in peace with themselves and their people.

“Our future is in our hands, that’s why we have democracy, that’s why we can choose to know our candidates, whether it’s at the local government and state level, or at the federal level,” Kumuyi said.

“And since we want the best, we’ve always dreamed and expected that we have the best country, and it’s good for us if we talk to ourselves and be at peace so we can have peaceful and fair elections.”

The esteemed cleric stressed the need for a peaceful atmosphere that gives voters the opportunity to freely choose who they want to lead them, although he stressed the need for the nation to remain united.

“We need to give everyone the opportunity to voluntarily elect whoever he thinks will do the best for our community and our country. So, I would say, we should keep the country united and peaceful and try to conduct elections in a peaceful atmosphere .

“We should pray to God to give us the very best to lead our country through whatever challenges we face, and further bring great blessings to our country.”

He explained that the global crusade was to pray for peace in the country.

Regarding the floods that have ravaged multiple communities across the country and displaced thousands of people, Kumui described it as a serious problem and expressed sympathy for those affected.

“This is a very serious issue and we identify and sympathize with all those affected by the flooding.

“But Mr. President has ordered all authorities responsible for the flood crisis to provide solutions within the next 90 days, and I pray that God will technically and politically give all those responsible the wisdom and expertise to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

“What has happened has happened and then the federal government and all people of good will should rise up and see how they can help those devastated by the floods,

Key stakeholders and leaders of Ogoni Land organize a special reception in honor of Kumui

The MP representing the Khanna/Gokarna federal constituency in the House of Representatives told reporters. Dumnamene Dekor is delighted that the Crusades will have a positive impact on the cult-plagued Ogoni lands.

Dekor said: “I am content and I am happy to host him in Ogoni land, especially since the land has been in crisis and there has been a lot of killing here over the years due to cult activities.

“The current local government chairman has taken a very bold step by the grace of God, and I believe our father’s visit in the Lord today is to confirm that peace has come to Ogoni land.”

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