The Oyo State Police Command has arrested two teenagers for allegedly raping a 17-year-old girl and recording the act on her cell phone.

After raping the victim, the two friends are said to have sent the video of the sex act to another friend, who asked the girl to have sex to avoid uploading the video to social media.

The three friends were among 30 suspects arrested by the command, Adewale Osifeso, the state’s police public relations officer, said in a statement Tuesday night.

The statement read: “On October 24, 2022, around 12pm, the 17-year-old victim (anonymous) visited her friend Joshua Adegoke, 18, at his residence, where she met a Peter Akintunde, age 18 years old.

“At Joshua’s place, she was offered a soft drink, after which she was invited to have sex in his room, but she refused. To save the trouble she felt, she naively asked Joshua’s friend Peter to convince him friend, but Peter advised her to give Joshua what he asked for.

“At this point, two friends took turns to forcibly and illegally learn about the victim’s flesh while recording the act. After that, Joshua deliberately transferred the video footage to another friend, Oluwanjoba Adetona, who also contacted the victim to demand Have sex in exchange for not uploading the video to social media.

“The suspect has voluntarily pleaded guilty and is assisting with the investigation.”

In addition to the three suspects, PPRO said 27 other suspects have been arrested for various criminal activities including kidnapping, robbery, etc.

A locally made pistol was allegedly recovered, while ammunition was also recovered by police.

“Similarly, the command’s focus should be on correctional facilities, banks, media outlets, schools, public infrastructure, major landmarks, commercial districts, places of worship, and recreational facilities,” the statement further read.

“Influential parents, guardians and leaders are advised to persuade their children, wards and protected persons not to be used as standard fodder for this process, as anyone who is caught disrupting the enviable relative tranquillity level, decisive action will be taken. State.”

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