A crisis has erupted between Labour’s Lagos state chapter and its nation’s leaders, leading to word-trading and finger-pointing.

So backed by the Lagos Obedience Movement, supporters of LP presidential candidate Peter Obi warned on Wednesday some of the party’s state officials not to continue to interfere in the affairs of their Lagos state chapter.

LP state officials facing charges include its state propaganda secretary Abayomi Arabambi and state legal counsel Akingbade Oyelekan.

OML coordinator Femi Collins and secretary Desmond Onyeagocha issued a statement asking LP national president Julius Abur to warn them not to interfere in the internal affairs of their Lagos state chapter.

“We have observed the manner in which identified state officials have used their positions and influence to interfere in party processes, particularly those related to candidates and the INEC,” the statement read.

“We have full confidence in the good results our presidential candidate Peter Obi and all the other candidates have achieved in Lagos State, so nothing can jeopardize the peace and process of the party.

“We believe that Arabambi and Oyelekan have enough responsibility to strengthen the party in the other 35 states of the federation, rather than focusing on Lagos; leading to distraction, interference and hostility among members.”

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