• Nigeria take on Germany in third place after Colombia defeat

nigerian Nigeria’s U-17 women’s national team Flamingos lost 6-5 on penalties to Colombia in the Goa U-17 Women’s World Cup semi-final, they expressed on social media after the full game own feelings. , India.

Comfort Folorunsho lost her sudden death penalty to give Colombia the win in a game where the Flamingos could barely string together three passes.

The Flamingos were the favorites for the game by beating the favorites America in the quarterfinals, but in their last four games against South America, they were just a shadow of themselves as they were in the game’s big game. Sitting in the back part of the time, preferring to play deep defense for most of the 90 minutes.

This is the longest distance from Nigeria in a student championship since the championship began in 2008.

After a grim draw between the two teams, Flamingos coach Bancor Olowok saw the prospect of a free throw, bringing in second-choice goalkeeper Chiramso Jiwaku in the 90th minute. He replaced Faith Omirana in the 90th minute.

Nigeria narrowly won after Yesica Munoz saw her kick saved by Jiwuaku, while Gabriela Rodriguez, Stefania Perlaza, Espitaleta and Caicedo all scored for Colombia but scored the winner for Nigeria in the quarter-finals The ball’s defender, Omamuzo Edafe, struck her with a kick on the post, bringing the shootout to a sudden death.

This came after Immaculata Offiong, Etim Edidiong, Miracle Usani and Taiwo Afolabi scored for Nigeria.

Colombian Juana Ortegon scored with Shakirat Oyinlola but Comfort Folorunsho kicked Luisa Agudelo after Nathalia Hernandez beat Jiwuaku.

South America will now face champions Spain in Sunday’s final, which beat Germany 1-0 in the other semi-final, while the Flamingos face Germany in the third-place play-off.

The loss sparked a reaction from rabid fans at home.

Twitter user Aashin @aashin23 praised Flamingos’ efforts, while also noting that it was a well-deserved victory for the South American side.

“Nigeria is hard to take, but Colombia definitely deserves to be in the final.”

ADEY @OmoAloba11 challenged the coach’s decision to allow a defender to take the final penalty and the Flamingos were lucky not to concede the full game.

“There is only one thing that will kill the coach, if you watch the game, you will see that our girls are lucky to keep a clean sheet for 90 minutes. But the coach failed to stop that No. 2 last penalty because she was in the game Lost confidence in the first minute. Good luck next time.”

#BSAFCON2022 @ZikoraIkpeazu also added that Nigeria has no tactics, but football.

“We didn’t deserve to win, the coach didn’t have a game plan, it reminds me of what I did at home watching Plateau United for the @CAFCLCC Champions League, it’s all about kicking and following. I refuse to believe these are 17 year olds of Nigerian descent The best girls below.”

Graphic artist Avoseh Temidayo @TemidayoAvoseh praised the girls for playing well in the semifinals.

“You tried your best girl, you paved the way, but our players weren’t mentally ready for a penalty. It was easy to write on their faces.

“It’s normal, it’s their first international outing. I’m expecting the coach to equip them, yell, clap, look them in the eyes and scream ‘girl go seal it’. That’s the spirit.”

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