Against the backdrop of terror alerts in the United States of America, some political parties are advising the federal government to act decisively to ensure the safety of the country and its citizens.

In separate interviews with our reporters, all parties said that instead of downplaying the safety warning, it is better to take it seriously.

Rufus Aiyenigba, National Propaganda Minister of the Social Democrats, said: “We are all living in despair. Across the country, no place is safe. This alarm should not be politicized because the United States does not know The embassy will make a statement on this. This should be a wake-up call for governments and security agencies to be ahead of their game.

“Let us not forget that American intelligence is second to none. If we choose to ignore this warning, we will do ourselves a great deal of damage.

Furthermore, Al-Shabaab spokesman Egbeola Wale-Martins noted that the security situation in the country requires action, not words.

“The terror alert issued by the United States has no political significance as the security reality in Nigeria is a matter of public awareness and the indolent attitude of the government led by President Major General (Ret) Buhari, until the recent savage attack on terrorists when the power When the seat was threatened, it remains a legend to this day.

“The United States is known to issue security advisories when citizens around the world need to be warned, so this is not specific to Nigeria and should not be politicized. In the interest of citizens, the Department of State Services and the Nigerian Police Force issue security advisories from time to time, if This is not politicized, and neither should the latest alert from the United States. It should be acted upon by a meek government, which has been known to act extremely slowly,” he added.

However, Yabagi Sani, the ACT Democratic presidential candidate, dismissed the security alert, saying “Nigeria is bigger than that. If true, they have an intelligence report, what prevents them from handing it over to our security agencies? We will not give in on that,” he added.

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