Ajax should have taken the lead in the 3rd minute, but Steven Berghughes had a gilded chance at the right post, before the midfielder’s arc just widened.

Determined Liverpool continued to have their backs to the wall before Andy Robertson broke the Reds’ rare chance on goal, but Klopp’s visitors were quick to hit the front.

LiveScore reports that Jordan Henderson cut in skillfully, allowing Salah to deftly lift a rushing Remco Passwell before Nunes inexplicably slammed the left post two minutes later cracked.

Nunes made amends after the break, when Elliott headed Robertson’s corner off the right post two minutes later before Elliott scored.

Substitute Kenneth Taylor slammed a decent chance an hour later, although Ajax never threatened an unlikely comeback.

The lacklustre returns in the Premier League so far have led to scrutiny for Liverpool, despite the Reds’ 150th Champions League run.

Klopp will be encouraged by the Reds’ fourth consecutive win against Ajax – only Real Madrid (seven) has a longer winning streak – which gives Alfred Schroeder has a lot to think about.

Ajax’s dominance in the first half failed to pay dividends and he is likely to settle for a Europa League spot after losing to a seventh of nine home matches against England in Europe.

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Salah may not have reached his usual heights in the Premier League, but the striker scored his 42nd goal in the Champions League – only for Didier Drogba (44). years) scored more goals among African players.

The Egypt international kept threatening from the right, scoring for the fourth straight game of the game, his second assist for Elliott’s third goal.

Bad from Burger Hughes

According to LiveScore, Berghughes had to regret two missed opportunities, the first of which was a regular shot by the midfielder that was supposed to go past Alisson and into the back of the net.

The misguided efforts summed up a frustrating performance for Ajax, who started in dominant fashion but quickly faded after Salah’s first-half opener.

What’s next?

Liverpool host Leeds United in the Premier League on Sunday, while Ajax will not play until after their final Champions League game at Rangers on Tuesday.

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