The ruling party will not sanction its members despite pressure from the APC to suspend some senior members for being anti-party, said Olusola Oke, deputy director of legal affairs for the APC’s presidential campaign committee. to please anyone. Activity.

Oke, a former gubernatorial candidate for the Ondo State APC, said APC members have the right to disagree.

The legal icon made the statement on Tuesday during his inauguration in Abuja as patron of the Movement for Good Governance and Ethical Leadership.

The development comes on the heels of the controversy, with the release of a new list of campaign committees that replaces the 422 members announced earlier.

Missing from the list are Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s name; Labour Minister Dr Chris Ngige; embattled opposition PDP Senator Chimaroke Nnamani; Interior Minister Rauf Aregbesola and former Abia Governor Orji Kalu.

Ngige publicly refused to support APC presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu when he appeared in Channel TV.

On the other hand, Amaechi stirred the hornet’s nest when he claimed that delegates who voted in the party’s presidential primary were bribed to influence the outcome.

Many people lured by money already regret their actions, he said.

Former Rivers State Governor speaks at an event in Port Harcourt celebrating the 60th birthday of Eugene Ogu, founder and superintendent of Life Abundance Mission.

Osinbajo’s case is more of a Cold War between him and his estranged godfather, with whom he estranged after losing the APC presidential vote.

But in their defense, Oke revealed that the APC is not a cult that tries to silence its members because of differing views or outbursts of emotion.

He said: “That is to tell you that we respect the right to dissent in a democracy. Even if we are members of the same family, people must be allowed to express their dissent. The onus is on the leadership to get everyone involved and that is what we are doing Things to do.

“Ngige is from a region of Nigeria that also wants to be president. So if he makes a statement out of an emotional outburst, it is our responsibility as party members to understand. I’m sure this is being addressed.”

Nigeria’s top defense lawyer also defended Osinbajo’s omission from the list, saying governance cannot be paralyzed by his presidential candidate’s political campaign.

Even as he reiterated that despite the Cold War, the vice president cannot remain Tinub’s political godson.

“This has been explained before. When the president is out campaigning, Osinbajo has to be there to stabilize the government and make sure everything works. We realize the need to win and the need to keep the government running until the last day.

“I think that’s the political factor he’s been excluded from. But the world is free to interpret what it means. Osinbajo is a gentleman, a party member through and through, and he’s still Asiwaju if you must know. son.”

Guests at the inauguration were MGGEL National Coordinator Jerry Nwogwu; Director General Henry Bello; Deputy Director General Esther Bepeh; Director of Research Tayo Oluwole and Director of Party and Policy Affairs Mohammed Mubarak.

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