Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, has opened up about her African heritage, revealing that she is 43% Nigerian.

On the latest episode of her podcast, Archetypes, Markle noted that she confirmed her roots after taking a family tree test a few years ago.

After the news broke, Nigerians on Twitter were excited about the news, as some started giving her an indigenous name.

A tweet from @Cryptoaristocr4 said: “Duchess, your battle is now our own. Don’t worry, your enemy is our enemy and your friend is our friend. So you are Nigerian. No wonder the drive is there. Calm, confident, confident. God bless you, Your Highness.”

Another tweet @LuciaPrincess8 wrote: “Meghan’s work ethic should make it clear she has some Nigerian blood in her. Nigerians are some of the hardest working people.”

Excited @gayleLackey11 tweeted: “Well, Meghan is 43% Nigerian. Let’s go girl. I love it!”

When recommending Nigerian names for the Duchess, @Roma49397809 said: “Meghan Markle says she’s 43% Nigerian so let’s decide on her names: Igbo – Meghan Chinyere Markle, House – Meghan Ami Na Markle. Yoruba – Meghan Bessie Markle, Edo – Meghan Ojog Markle.”

“I found out that Meghan Markle is 43% Nigerian, which makes sense. Shout out to my Nigerian sister,” @here4v1bes said.

@Roseangel009 said, “Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, revealed that she is 43% Nigerian. No wonder! I felt sisterly love for her. Her pain seemed to be mine back then. She was in I’m really touched by the treatment the royal family has received.”

However, popular Twitter influencer Daniel Regha slammed the news that Nigerians were celebrating Meghan.

He wrote: “When Queen Elizabeth died, most Nigerians were quick to condemn the entire royal family for their actions in the colonial era, but the same Nigerians are rejoicing today as Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex) ) claims to be 43% Nigerian. So what has changed? Nigeria, my country.”

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