German sportswear brand Adidas said on Tuesday it was ending its partnership with Kanye West after the controversial rapper sparked a string of anti-Semitic remarks.

Adidas said in a statement that West’s recent comments, officially known as Ye, were “unacceptable, hateful and dangerous.”

The statement further revealed: “After a thorough review, the company has decided to terminate its partnership with Ye with immediate effect.”

Human rights activists have called on the German company to remain silent on West’s remarks that have driven him further and further away from the businesses and brands that have made him extraordinarily wealthy.

“Thousands of signatures and still no news, @adidas? Your silence is a danger to Jews,” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tweeted.

“We can’t normalize Yeh’s #antisemitism – we all need to demand Adidas #RunAwayFromHate by condemning his racist comments and reassessing their partnership.”

The company’s founder, who has ties to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, announced a few weeks ago that it was reviewing its relationship with West after he was reportedly unhappy with how the brand marketed his products.

Adidas said in a statement in early October: “After several private efforts to resolve the issue, we have decided to review the partnership.”

West accused Adidas of arranging marketing campaigns and bringing back old models without his approval.

He also said the brand hired staff to work under him and organized “Yeezy Day” without his involvement.


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