No fewer than 42 members of the House of Representatives have joined the Nigerian Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus as Nigeria and Israel celebrate the 62nd anniversary of diplomatic relations.

The caucus, which opened in Abuja on Tuesday, is a member of the Global Israel Allies Foundation and is mobilizing faith-based support for Israel and Nigeria.

The six-member inaugural committee includes four members of the House of Representatives, Bamidele Salam (Chairman), Sergius Ogun, Chris Azubogu and Oghene Egho, as well as NPIAC Nigeria Director Sally William-Chinebu (Secretary) and Project Manager Chibuzo Okereke.

In his remarks Nicholas Ossai, the pioneer chair of NPIAC, noted that the Israel Ally Caucus exists in more than 50 parliaments around the world. He added that the Nigerian Caucus will advance strategic engagement to encourage Nigeria and Israel to cooperate in areas of mutual interest, including agriculture, science and technology, youth development and innovation, culture/tourism, education, security, aviation, electricity/renewable energy, Building peace, democracy, the rule of law and protecting human rights.

He said: “The caucus will organize parliamentary exchanges and visits to the Knesset and other allied parliaments globally from time to time. In addition, the caucus will seek to organize business and investment summits/democracy promotion events for the mutual benefit of Nigeria and the State of Israel.

“The caucus is open to legislators, policy makers, faith leaders, enthusiasts in Israel and Nigeria, and members of the public who meet membership criteria at the federal and sub-national levels. Caucus members have the opportunity to enjoy a high-quality legislative exchange program and support to member parliaments and country visits, Israeli visas, business opportunities, education, tourism and other bilateral opportunities.”

After the inauguration, Orsay read the caucus’s resolution and oath.

Osay said: “The protection of religious freedom is ensured by declaring the reunited city of Jerusalem as the eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish nation’s homeland, given that the State of Israel has duly and necessarily exercised its legitimate God-given right under the sovereignty of Israel. believers of all faiths;

“Whereas, biblical believers recognize the historical and spiritual significance of the land of Israel and the city of Jerusalem to the Jewish people, and the Allied Israel Foundation was established to articulate the moral and ethical bond that unites Jews, Christians and a person of faith;

“Given the desire of members of the Nigerian Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus to join the Global Israel Ally Network, which consists of more than 50 parliamentary caucuses in countries around the world, to take public positions on key issues facing Nigeria and Israel in order to achieve our two countries common interests;

“Thus, those of us in the Foundation are establishing the Nigerian Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus, whose mission is to support stronger diplomatic relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the Jewish state of Israel in order to preserve its God-given legitimate sovereign rights and The goal of self-defense on the territory, recognizing people of all faiths, is to build a strong and united Israel and Nigeria through legislative diplomacy.”

The caucus calls on governments, institutions, and people of conscience around the world to “reject all forms of anti-Semitism, including boycotts, divestments, and sanctions campaigns as official policy, and duly point out its anti-Semitic nature to the State of Israel.”

NPIAC advocates for enhanced cooperation and diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Israel in the fields of security, aviation, agriculture, technology, youth development, innovation and energy, while “strongly supporting the understanding that Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of the State of Israel.”

Sally William-Chinebu, director of NPIAC Nigeria, noted earlier in her welcome remarks that the strength of the Israel Ally Caucus comes from a wide range of political parties, various religious or philosophical beliefs, diverse ethnic groups, professional orientations and prejudices. “The caucus uses the tools of advocacy, faith-based diplomacy and policy dialogue to support good diplomatic relations with the State of Israel,” she added.

William-Chinebu said NPIAC stands ready to help deepen relations between Nigeria and Israel. “We will help foster mutually beneficial cooperation and cooperation in the areas of parliamentary engagement, cultural and educational exchanges, peacebuilding, agriculture, renewable energy, youth development, technology, aviation, security and other innovations,” she said.

“We will work to ensure and enact legislation to prevent any form of discrimination, including anti-Semitism, against Nigerians and Israelis everywhere. We will always support Jews living in peace, harmony, security and defense in the Jewish state of Israel rights at borders. We also aim to promote a greater role for Nigeria in the international community, while promoting democracy in Nigeria in an environment that guarantees freedom of expression, peace, social justice, the rule of law and electoral integrity.”

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