Today we will show you a list of the best multiplayer games you have on Android . Any kind of game where you can enjoy all the connectivity that your phone allows will be part of the player community.

Of those games, we call it the most social , most intense shooter or MMO ( Massively Multiplayer Online ). go for it

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

One of the most played multiplayer games currently and Nintendo has a winning horse. You can link your Facebook account to find your contacts and share fantastic moments with them. You can plant all kinds of plants or add new furniture and have your own space or home where you can have fun with your friends.

Nintendo is regularly updated with new content and events for the company to enjoy. Indispensable as a social multiplayer.

PUBG Mobile

In social we move to online multiplayer shooter games. Here, with a squad of 100, 4 players can join the game to complete the last game. Battle Royale . Tencent Games has shown a lot of muscles that know how to play the best game possible by combining great 3D, great performance and all online multiplayer.

Updated every few months with new content, new seasons, and a great community of players.

Daegu Mobile

Tencent Games shows it again. How well you know how to work with a great Call of Duty Mobile for Android. If we got our chairs right when we found out he was playing this game, its release was great enough to make it one of the best multiplayer we have right now. A community of players waiting for a shooting game with gorgeous graphics, often new content, and a variety of game modes. There is also multiplayer, but fast games are urgent.

Team fight tactics

From the creators of the riot game, League of Legends (LoL) , they launched the great Teamfight Tactics a few weeks ago that will put you in front of another great battle chess starring famous characters. Cross-platform compatibility allows you to play on PC and then follow on Android mobile. Battle chess to place the best champions to improve them and kill the rest of the players in different game modes. A game of 15 to 2 minutes in another type of multiplayer that is currently in vogue.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

It’s already in beta, but it’s showing a lot of power. You play against 99 other players in Battle Chess here . After the round, try to win and complete. From one round to another you will have to try not to end up with three defeats. It’s a pretty good game, updated little by little and waiting for better content to give it a final touch before it’s released worldwide. Since this type of game is fashionable, it makes a great game couple in addition to the previous ones.

Mario kart tour

Now Available Online Real-Time Multiplayer Now, Mario Kart Tour is your best excuse to enjoy all the magic of Nintendo on your mobile. It’s a racing game that follows another great name from a Japanese company, and comes with everything we normally have. All Nintendo characters are waiting for you in this great Nintendo bet.

It’s a kart racing game where you have to pay some money to win (you pay to make a profit), but play against others through various circuits. It is one of the must-have items on the list.

Gwent: The Witcher Card

It’s a great card game that hasn’t been on the Play Store in weeks. Before the saga of mobile The Witcher . The game is at another height and creates an experience that demands the best on mobile. That said, the best graphics require a high-end mobile to have a board that looks alive. A true card game that rivals Blizzard’s Hearthstone, trying to take away the succulent cake that Blizzard has enjoyed for a long time. Pay attention to different boards for multiplayer games against other players who have their own mechanics. Undoubtedly one of the best of the year.


We couldn’t forget the great multiplayer from Epic Games, we don’t have it on the Play Store, but you can download it from the page. Several generations of players use Fortnite. Like school yards or college yards, they have created their own pop culture. It’s made all the sensations in recent years, and you get all the graphics you’d expect from a PC or console on mobile. A battle royale with anime and manga-like visual style and exceptional elegance at every level. You can’t ask for more true 3D and a map that will go down in the history of the game.

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