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Why do we prefer offline games to online games? Do you have any ideas? I think yes!

Because at least once in your life you have at least played an online game, and because of a bad internet connection, you are stuck in between the game. It hurts too much when you’re in the final phase of the game and for some reason a bad internet connection makes you need to exit.

No problem, we’ll help you with these best offline games that don’t require an internet connection or Wi-Fi to play. All this is free; here you will get 10 offline games for android that you can play whenever you want.

The best thing about any good game is that you can play it anywhere, anytime. Here in these best offline games for android you can play alone together with others whatever you want.

Sometimes it can happen that when you are about to move to the next level, you suddenly realize that there are some hidden fees. Some games have conditions where if you want to go to the next level or just want to unlock power, you need to access your data or Wi-Fi. At this point, you realize that offline games are much better than online games.

Here you can simply explore the many best offline games currently available on the Play Store. You don’t have to worry about buying anything without wasting extra mobile data or Wi-Fi. There are many smart developers who develop offline games for better user experience. So, let’s start the list:

10 Best Offline Android Games to Watch Out For


Badland 2 is a 2D offline runner game where you will find a beautiful forest with different inhabitants. Here, in this game, something is wrong with the forest and with you too, and you need to find out. And also you have to use your mind by playing various creative traps and obstacles.

Believe you need to use your brain to play these games like a pro, here in this game amazing physics based gameplay along with good quality graphics and great sound effects to optimize your gaming experience.

There is also a four player multiplayer mode here in this game, the best part is that all players can play this amazing game on the same device. It also allows you to take down a competitor by simply knocking down rivals with your spinning saws. You have to work together to pass different levels and here you can also create your own level. There are really no restrictions or rules in this game that make it one of the best offline games.


MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION is developed by Mojang. This is actually a real adventurous game that allows you to express your creativity.

Here in this game you can use block cubes to build a bridge using many materials like mud, stone and brick along with sand to create your fantasy virtual world.

In this game, you will find several modes that really include a survival mode in which each block is hand carved. So all you have to do is get ready for the sun to go down and the bad guys to come after you in this game.

  • Shadow Fight 2

If you are an action lover, this game is for you. Here you have the chance to try out fighting techniques on real enemies along with deadly weapons like kung fu movies in this offline game.

Basically, it’s a 2D game based on the “Shadow” character. Here, the shadow is trying to protect his home from invaders by simply releasing powerful demons while he lost his physical body.

The gameplay tries to return when he somehow lost his fighting skills in the shadows. You will have many levels and enemies to fight with. There are some in-app purchases here in this game, but don’t worry, you can play without them. In fact, if you haven’t tried this game yet, just try it once.

  • Loop of infinity

Since the name of the game contains a cycle, this offline game has cycles that combine simplicity and relaxation. Its gameplay involves joining curved shapes to create complete shapes without any breaks.

Here you will also get a dark mode where you have to break the shape into its individual components. Even you can play it indefinitely.

As you advance in the game, it will become more difficult for you to play. The motto of this game is not to get harder as you advance in this game, but the developers even said it was just for relaxing. This is probably the best offline game for android devices.

  • Asphalt 8 Airbone

Asphalt, you may hear the name. Since this is the latest version of Asphalt. Here in this android game you will have high quality graphics, best user interface and high speed car.

In the new version you will get an aircraft carrier, new cars and cool arcade levels.

If you have flagship devices, this game will run smoothly on your device and you will have the best user experience. The gameplay is to win races against opponents, winning the prize pool. You can improve your cars with this money or buy a new car in this game.

  • Despicable me

Undoubtedly, everyone loves minions and there is a lot of fun and bananas in this offline game. Here in this game you can race with other minions who collect bananas as you jump, ride or climb.

The minions are incredible in many ways, here you can strengthen the regiment and also pick up weapons in the game. You may have seen the minion movies and when you play this game you will have too much fun as the locations are inspired by the movies.

This game is absolutely free on the Play Store along with 3D graphics. Here you can also change costumes, which will make the game interesting.

  • Six Guns: Gang Showdown

Another offline game created by Gameloft made it to the list of the best offline games. Gameplay about cowboys, bandits and scary vampires. Here you are the third person who can easily shoot them in the Wild West of Arizona and Oregon.

Here in this game you will have 40 missions to complete like horse racing, kill robbers and shoot enemies along the way. This game is absolutely free on play stores and you can easily change costumes and weapons here.

  • Plant Vs Zombies 2

The most popular game among all of us, many people played Pant Vs Zombies on PC before it came to the mobile platform.

Basically, it’s an arcade game where plants have to defend themselves from zombie attacks. The plants must protect their home before the zombies get to it and eat your brain. In this game, plants can launch watermelon or many missiles at zombies. You can download this game in Play Store with such pleasure.

  • Hill Racing 2

Without a doubt, it is a popular offline game in the Play Store. And here are new, more interesting costumes and arcades for driving. In this game, you have to collect coins while driving your cars and you have to provide fuel when you get in the way.

In this game, they have added a back flip so that you can easily control your vehicle. Basically, it’s a time-traveling game where you can enjoy riding wherever you are.

  • Brain It On – Physics puzzles

If you like to challenge your brain, then this one is for you. Here in this game, different levels are waiting for you that will challenge your brain. Basically, this is a 2D science game and here you will need to use a bit of physics knowledge to complete various tasks by simply creating a simple structure with your finger.

In fact, this game will increase your creativity and brain power. So, it’s time to challenge your brain so that you can easily develop your mind’s creativity. Don’t wait, just go ahead and play this amazing android offline game. In fact, if you are ready to challenge your brain, trust me, these are the best offline games for you.

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