These 5 Car Racing Games For Mobile Phones You Must Play

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Hello Gamers, The mobile platform is great for racing – touch controls are not a problem, and in some games you can use the accelerometer to turn the gadget into a full-fledged steering wheel. We inform you about the upcoming smartphone race of 2021.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you’re looking for a low-key Fast and Furious-style arcade racing game just for fun, Asphalt 9 is the perfect choice. Colorful and lively toy with cinematic jumps and races.

Like all previous installments in the series, Legends is not trying to be a car simulator. Here the controls are average and the cars reach 200+ kilometers per hour in seconds. This can even be done without using nitrogen.

However, “Asphalt 9” solves its main task very well – the game is fun for a long time. More than 40 different car models with different tracks, the ability to chase opponents, slide and upgrade. All this against the background of impressive console-quality graphics.

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the best racing games on the mobile platform that you will have a lot of fun with.

Forza Street

The Forza series is a great racing game for consoles and PCs. However, not many people know that there is an equally exciting mobile version of the tournament.

Forza Street is not a drag racer or a driving simulator – it’s literally a beautiful movie. The game comes down to just one button at the right moment – time slows down, accelerates and nitrous. Driving is not allowed The race itself is shown in a cinema.

Despite the variety of cars, most of them behave the same. For example, you can easily pass the latest Lamborghini in an old BMW – just press the button in time. There are careers and intrigues here, but they are too stereotypical and will not interest for long.

As a result, Forza Street isn’t nearly as good as its older counterparts. The game can be extended for hours because the players are not even allowed to drive.

Speed ​​requirement: No limit

The popular racing series NFS started winning on the mobile platform a long time ago. If we are talking about a new game, you should try No Limit.

The plot is practically copied from the popular “Most Wanted”. You start your journey as an unknown rookie who has to defeat the main street racers in the city. The boss races here are the most fun and exciting, but everything else is a boring journey through the “guts” with mild twists and turns.

Limits has an impressive selection of licensed cars, exterior and interior customization options and damage systems. What fans of the series will enjoy is the police chase. Don’t make it so big and there won’t be helicopters, but they will create a cozy atmosphere.

Need for Speed: No Limits tries to bring the racing spirit to the mobile platform. Some games make up for it – there are beautiful graphics and colorful races, but be ready for charity.

A real race

Real Racing 3 can be called the best racing simulator for mobile. The developers focused on racing and created a great game.

The first and most noticeable plus of the game is the excellent graphics. Famous track, car details, cockpit view available. Real Racing 3 has more than 60 famous cars, even GT and Le-Mans racing variants. For each car, the developers tried to create a unique movement and sound of the engine. At least you can easily tell a Ferrari from a BMW by sound.

The vehicle is presented with different tests in different categories. The race is very dynamic and requires concentration. You can also choose from different management options. But getting a pump takes a long time. The prices in the game are very high, the top cars and upgrades cost real money.

If you ignore the aggressive Dan, Real Racing 3 is one of the best car simulators with great graphics.

Mario Kart Adventure

Back racing became popular decades ago. Among the Nintendo exclusives was the famous race with Mario, which received a lot of attention. Now you can ride with your favorite characters in Mario Kart Tour on smartphones.

Cartoon graphics, different music and super exciting races are not the only pluses of the game. As you progress through the championship, you’ll collect stars and unlock various bonuses – new cards, emblems and more. All this did not bother me after a few hours.

The race is different every time because of all the different bonuses you get for defeating the enemy. But you have to get used to the controls – control with just one finger and also drift. However, winning will not be difficult.

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