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Competitive shooter with cartoonish graphics Team Fortress 2 was released back in 2007 , but to this day tens of thousands of gamers play it. Players will have to choose one of 9 classes and fight in teams in various modes. The battles are filled with fun, and the abundance of game modes will not let you get bored. And all this is free.

Team Fortress 2 boasts about 118 thousand simultaneous online users, which was recorded in 2012 . At the time of writing, the daily online is between 50,000 and 100,000 players, which, you see, is an excellent indicator for a game of this age, and it does not differ much from the previously mentioned record.


Global Offensive is a modern version of the famous multiplayer shooter Counter-Strike. Well, modern – it was released back in 2012, but it still stays in the top of the most popular Steam games and very often leads it. So, the online record was set in the spring of 2020 – then 1.3 million users took part in the endless conflict between special forces and terrorists.

Anyone can play Global Offensive – you can download the client for free in Steam. The game itself is a classic competitive shooter in which players try to either detonate a bomb or defuse the terrorists. However, everything often ends with a regular shootout.


The FIFA series is updated every year, but the differences in the gameplay are insignificant, which is the reason for the disputes among the members of the gaming community and low ratings. But despite the scandals, the games are popular every year – for example, two weeks after the release of FIFA 20, 10 million people played it.

Gamers are invited to plunge into the world of football – they can both perform on the field and manage the team. You can create your own “dream team” or use an existing one, climb up in career mode, kick your friends in multiplayer matches and do other things.


Tactical first -person shooter in which 10 players are divided into two teams (“Stormtrooper” and “Defenders”) and fight each other until the mode’s goal is completed (“Hostage”, “Position Control”, “Charge”).

A key feature of the game is the destructible environment. Fights take place in tight spaces, but you can destroy walls and make holes in the floor and ceiling with explosives, thus creating new passages and firing positions.

Every day, at the time of writing, more than 100 thousand people portray tactical geniuses, according to statistics on Steam. The record peak online amounted to 200 thousand players in 2020, and in total more than 50 million accounts are registered in the game.


An online racing game that supports cross-platform matches between PC and consoles. The player, driving a jet machine, must score the ball into the goal. Reminiscent of football, but with survival racing elements . Players can bounce on cars, apply acceleration and destroy rivals. Matches are played quickly (usually 5 minutes) and the team with the most points wins.

During its existence on the Steam Rocket League platform, it has won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gamers, and its popularity has not faded to this day. The record for peak online was set in the spring of 2020 – then ~ 120 thousand played an unusual variation of football. At the time of updating the article, the daily audience is 60 thousand people – this figure has been holding since 2016.


A card game based on the Warcraft universe, which contributed to the rapid growth in the popularity of the TCG genre . The player, having compiled his collection of various cards (with heroes with abilities, spells), fights in a “duel” with another user. By discarding cards in turn, you activate the abilities of the characters and various events, as a result of which you can strengthen yourself or reduce the health of your opponent.

Hearthstone was released in 2014 and won the “Best Multiplayer Online Game” award. It is known that over 100 million accounts are registered in the game.


Fall Gays is the youngest game in the selection – it was released in August 2020. But in the shortest possible time, she managed to set and beat her own record for online on Steam – only two weeks after the release, a simultaneous peak online of 136 thousand people was recorded, and the developers from Devolver Digital reported 2 million copies sold.

The fun multiplayer game is a mixture of mini-games played by dozens of users simultaneously in a knockout match. Obstacle racing, team competitions, tags – players will have to go through a series of tests, and only one of them will receive the coveted crown.


Living quietly in its genre, the 2011 game suddenly shows impressive online numbers in May 2020 – then peak online was 486 thousand people, which is almost 10 times more than usual. The reason for this is the final update released by the developers. But even without this event, Terraria is quite popular, gathering tens of thousands of gamers behind the screen every day to this day.

This is a pixel adventure sandbox with survival elements in which you can build a castle and go on a long journey through the dungeons . The game has gained credibility thanks to a really diverse content, atmosphere and alluring unpredictability.


The cooperative action game Warframe was released in 2013 , but to this day it does not stop jumping above its own head. All thanks to the developers who have created so much content for the game for a long time that newcomers will have to spend hours and days studying the local Wikipedia in an attempt to get comfortable. Daily online of 50-80 thousand people has not subsided since 2016.

This game is a representative of the “science fiction” genre – players will have to explore the planets as one of the many “warframes”, conduct heated battles, engage in pumping and many other things. The gameplay is designed for cooperative play with friends.


MMORPG Dungeon Fighter Online came to us from the Asian region, which can be easily understood from the anime -style picture . In the role of an adventurer, the gamer will go to dangerous dungeons, fight hordes of enemies and upgrade his hero. The game combines elements of a classic 2D platformer and RPG.

In Russia, the game is not so popular, which can be judged by the low online, but in total 600 million people have registered in it. You can play for free by downloading the client from Steam or from the official website.


Valorant is the shooter game from Riot Games that is behind the creation of League of Legends . Being a mixture of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, the game managed to attract millions of players – for example, in May 2020 the daily audience was 3 million people, but the developers did not share statistics on peak online.

The game is notable for the fact that the classic competitive shooter gameplay is mixed with characters with unique abilities. The tactical component has not gone away – the skills must be used wisely, and no one has canceled the weapon.


Candy Crush Saga is a free casual puzzle game with over 93 million players in 2014 alone. No up-to-date data could be found, but the game has been downloaded over 1 billion times on the Play Store, the Android app store .

Such popularity is due to the “flexibility” of Candy Crush Saga – it is released for both computers and mobile platforms, and it can be downloaded everywhere for free. And due to the exciting and simple gameplay, the game attracts both children and adults.


The Call of Duty games are the most popular shooters and the history of the franchise dates back to 2003 . The most famous sub-series is Modern Warfare, and the developers’ attempts to restart it in 2019 were successful, which can be judged by several records in sales plans. We do not have specific online data, but the game still flickers in the top viewed on the Twitch website .


The Call of Duty series also has offshoots. For example, on mobile platforms, you can play free-to-play Call of Duty Mobile, which combines all the best from the franchise. And Warzone is a standalone battle royale game that can also be downloaded for free, but for PC and consoles. Players will have to compete in a massive battle for the title of champion with familiar characters, weapons and locations.

In May 2020, 2 months after the release, developers from Infinity Ward reported 60 million registered players. And according to unconfirmed reports, it is known that the daily online in mid-2020 is about 200 thousand people.


Royal battle , which boasts the number of registered accounts – 280 million. Another interesting fact is that it came to PC from mobile platforms. And only extremely popular projects deserve a port from mobile phones to PC.

Unlike competitors, up to 300 participants participate in one match! After landing on the island , the players begin to look for equipment and weapons. The goal is to be the only survivor. The map is large enough, and you can move around on it on your own two feet or using transport. Players can compete alone or as a team.


MMORPG, named one of the most beautiful in the genre. The game perfectly implements all the mechanics appropriate for the genre: a variety of classes, pumping, PvE and PvP activities. Up to 20 thousand players can play on one server. Unlike other games of the genre, there is a change of day and dynamic weather, and there is no maximum character level. The game world is made in the spirit of the period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

In total, over 18 million accounts are registered in the game, and daily online, based on the statistics of September 2020, is about 20 thousand people, and then only on the Steam site.


An indie game developed by a single Canadian programmer. The graphics are reminiscent of Minecraft and Roblox. The player finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world in which he needs to survive by defending himself from zombies. The threat is also posed by other players who can kill you for resources (clothing, weapons, food, medicine, materials).

The game world consists of numerous abandoned places (villages, factories, cities, and so on) where you can find useful supplies. In addition to the war with enemies, you can also go fishing and hunting , building buildings, cooking, gardening.

Unturned boasts some pretty good results in terms of user activity. Firstly, it has 400 thousand reviews on Steam. Secondly, 20 thousand people play it every day, and thirdly, the number of registered accounts exceeds 25 million.


Overwatch is an action game from Blizzard , which already had a large online presence at the start. The player is offered a choice of over 30 characters with unique abilities. You can have fun in PvP modes alone or with friends. Advance cargo, capture points, every man for himself – you definitely won’t get bored! Maps and modes are constantly changing, and with a variety of hero sets, every match is unique.

We will not deny: Overwatch is not as popular as at the start, and the main reason for this is the unwillingness of developers to add new content. However, the game received 40 million accounts in its piggy bank, and there are no problems with finding a match.


Apex Legends boasted a large number of players at the start. A month after the release, the number of registered users amounted to 50 million players, which is a stunning result.

This is a new take on the Battle Royale genre. Firstly, matches are played in teams (20 teams in total, 3 people each). Secondly, the heroes have unique abilities. Fallen allies can be resurrected.

Apex Legends pits teams against each other in a brutal battle for dominance. Tactics, teamwork, ingenuity, luck – that’s what will help you take first place.


Action game from Ubisoft with an advanced combat system . Soldiers from four factions ( Vikings , Knights , Samurai , Wu Lin) fight each other on various maps. A distinctive feature of the game is the advanced, deep battle mechanics, thanks to which the battles are varied and exciting. In total, 15 million accounts are registered in the game.

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