More than six years have passed since the release of GTA V in 2013, and during this time, the “five” has become one of the best-selling games in the history of mankind. One “but” – you can play it only on game consoles and computers, and sometimes with the need to access the Internet.

But there was a revolution: now you can drive on the phone! Finally, the game has been made available to many users – the developers have created a game that works without an Internet connection on smartphones and tablets based on the Android operating system.

We are talking about a portable version of Grand Theft Auto V for mobile devices and tablet computers, thanks to which the streets of Los Santos will submit to you even in a minibus.

The main feature of the game is an incredibly huge game world and many locations where you can easily navigate and perform any action with one touch of the screen. Of course, the main thing here is that races and shootouts are available – and this game does not disappoint.

The efforts of the game studio New Games Corporation, which released GTA 6 for Android, were not in vain, but there are some nuances. New Games Corporation did not receive permission from Rockstar Games (the developers of the original game), and therefore the mobile version has the status of an unofficial release. This, unfortunately, means that it is not possible to add it to the Google Play app store. Well, there may be more options for downloading – remember how we all got smart to download the game for free and without registration.

The video game is launched on a smartphone or tablet in a local way. Depending on the “heaviness” of the package, the frame rate is higher, which means that the graphics will be of better quality. True, this game is resource-demanding, so this point should be taken into account in order to get real pleasure from the gameplay.

All controls are fully adapted to touch screens in the best traditions of Rockstar Games. If necessary, you can also connect a gamepad to get even more control over the gameplay.

Currently, the mobile release of Grand Theft Auto V for Android is in beta, but the developers promise to update the application to new builds, improving optimization and fixing bugs.

In fact, right now this is the only way to play GTA V without an Internet or local network connection. The game runs directly on your smartphone or tablet. The only thing worth paying attention to is resource intensity: during the game, due to the high load on the processor and graphics accelerator, the battery charge of the mobile device will be consumed very quickly.

You can download Grand Theft Auto V for Android for free from the official website of the developers (meaning the mobile version) of New Games Corporation, or from third-party resources. So far, only the English language package is available, but in the future it is planned to support Russian and several other languages.

In short, fans of the game will certainly be satisfied – because now the game is right at hand at any time.

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