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Battle Royale, or battle royale, is a genre that quickly burst into the gaming industry in 2017, simultaneously with the release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite. While the owners of powerful computers were introduced to new games for themselves, users of less productive machines had to be content with low-quality copies of the giants of the genre. Nevertheless, good projects exist, and it is about them that we will discuss further. So, 11 best battle royales for weak PCs. Go!


Super Animal Royale is an action-packed battle royale game developed by the Pixile team in 2018. This project was remembered for its interesting setting and an unusual look at the mechanics that are typical for games of the current genre.

In a global sense, Super Animal Royale is another clone of PUBG. It was the outer shell of the project that underwent major changes. All actions take place in the “animal world”. Playing as representatives of the local fauna, gamers will be able to personally participate in natural selection and compete for the title of king of beasts.

The gameplay is based on basic mechanics adapted to the overall style of the project. Each match begins with the usual drop of 64 players into the war zone. That’s just the role of a classic aircraft in Super Animal Royale is a drake, and instead of parachutes, you will have to use ordinary umbrellas. Other game features include:

  • Extensive map with a variety of locations and biomes. From deciduous forests and deserts to swamps and northern territories;
  • Variety of weapons and equipment. Cute little animals never have a shortage of means of destroying opponents;
  • A flexible system for customizing the appearance of characters and the presence of a progression system.

Graphically, Super Animal Royale is a cartoon-style isometric Battle Royale. However, neither external minimalism nor the lack of Hollywood effects prevented the project from being of interest to fans of the genre.


Bean Battles is an indie battle royale game that was lost in the shadow of its competitors almost immediately after its release. Distinctive features of the project, released in 2018 by the SOG studio, are a minimalist design and a global simplification of mechanics.

In Bean Battles, all players are warlike beans fighting for survival in a limited and ever-shrinking area. The project cannot boast of any plot and plot.

From a gameplay point of view, the game is a classic battle royale. Appearing on the map, the participants are forced to take care of their safety as soon as possible. There is no time to think, since the landing mechanic has been cut. The path to victory lies in 3 main actions. The player needs:

  • Acquire weapons scattered on the map;
  • Find a vehicle for a quick retreat if necessary;
  • Take an advantageous position.

The project does not pretend to be a large-scale royal battle, since the maximum number of players on the map can reach 16 people.

Graphically, Bean Battles is unlikely to surprise anyone. The game features several maps, consisting of forest, desert and snowy locations, and filled with geometric primitives and simple models. To get a certain portion of fun, this is enough.


Valgrave: Immortal Plains is a magical battle royale that was released on Steam in early 2020. The developers from Edenic Era LLC did everything to make their project memorable for the gaming audience not as another low-quality copy of PUBG. To some extent, they succeeded.

Valgrave: Immortal Plains is set in a medieval world filled with magic and fantastical beasts. More is not known about him, since the game has no story plot .

The gameplay is focused on spells. They fit perfectly into the setting and became a good tool for killing enemies. By choosing a spawn location, the player appears on the map where he will have to deal with:

  • Farm experience on hostile NPCs. It is needed to level up;
  • Combining spells on living opponents. In Valgrave: Immortal Plains, gamers instead of the usual weapons need to collect magical spells designed for both attack and defense.

Due to the lack of a PR campaign, the project has certain difficulties with the number of players, so the search for a match may be somewhat delayed.

Visually, Valgrave: Immortal Plains is pretty good. The cartoonish graphics that match the setting, the third-person view and the ability to generate spectacular magical battles will appeal to many.


Creative Destruction is a mix of sandbox and battle royale that was released in 2018 thanks to the efforts of the NetEase Games studio.

The project is very similar to Fortnite in many ways. It was from her that the developers of Creative Destruction borrowed the basic mechanics and visual component, adapted them for low-power computers, added several new modes and presented the players as their brainchild.

The gameplay of Creative Destruction is a full-fledged Battle Royale with good destructibility and building. To survive in a hostile environment, players must:

  • Master craft. In Creative Destruction, you can not only destroy, but also create. A timely built barricade can save the enemy from a sniper shot;
  • Master all types of available weapons. A variety of guns allows you to choose for yourself a certain style of play;
  • Get used to the dynamic gameplay. Events in the game can develop very quickly.

In graphics, the developers adhere to a colorful cartoon style. Together with a good level design, it looks very harmonious and does not cause rejection.


King of Crabs is a fun multiplayer battle royale game released by Robot Squid in 2020. Wanting to bring something new to the genre, the developers decided on serious experiments with the setting and created a project whose main characters were crabs.

The developers do not disclose the motivation of the marine inhabitants, which prompted them to mutual bloodshed. Instead, they offer to join the rest and prove that it is your ward who deserves to be the king among crabs.

The gameplay is based on the mechanics that were still at the heart of the legendary The gameplay of King of Crabs is built on survival, leveling and constant confrontation between crabs. Each of them has:

  • Unique skills. Even the most harmless marine inhabitant can unpleasantly surprise his sworn enemies;
  • Changeable appearance. Cosmetic customization is achieved through an abundance of skins;
  • Great arsenal to destroy enemies. Despite the fact that all crabs and crayfish have the notorious claws, they do a good job with firearms, piercing, cutting and incendiary weapons.

The developers promise to add content to the game on an ongoing basis, so in the future King of Crabs should be replenished with new maps, crab skins and game modes.

With the graphic component of this project, everything is much better than that of many competitors. Picturesque views of the coastal island with scattered wrecks add a special entourage to the game.


Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is a fresh battle royale from the small studio Gigantic Duck Games. Being inspired by retro games of the past and the popular battle royale genre, the project has found its fans and has taken its rightful place among high-quality indie crafts.

Once in the world of Bombergrounds: Battle Royale, players are witnessing a rather ambiguous picture. Cute and kind-looking little animals are in a state of permanent enmity with each other. And in this ongoing battle , there is always one winner .

In general terms , the gameplay corresponds to the standards of the royal battles, however, in its details lies a significant number of differences. Among them:

  • Square map. The entire playing area is divided into cubes, in which each object occupies its own cell. Gradually, the squares around the perimeter of the zone disappear, reducing the available space;
  • Limited number of weapons. Instead of the usual machine guns and sniper rifles, the arsenal in Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is represented by bombs and a bat, with which they can be thrown towards the enemy;
  • View from above. Follow what is happening in the game to be from a bird’s eye view. This approach allows you to cover a larger area of ​​​​space and plan the trajectory of a launched bomb.

Characters and weapons can be customized using skins available in the in-game store.

Cartoon style, coupled with a variety of maps and biomes (as far as the game’s cubic world allows), sets you up for a fun and exciting pastime during the match. Bombergrounds: Battle Royale is definitely not worth taking seriously.


Geneshift is a promising top-down battle royale. According to its developer Ben Johnson, he was inspired to create this project by the legendary GTA 2. Having borrowed a number of ideas from the creation of Rockstar Games, he combined them with the Battle Royale genre and presented it to the gaming audience in the form of his own game.

At first glance, the map and everything that happens in Geneshift really resembles the first parts of the GTA series, however, genre features appear pretty quickly. However, the game has its own campaign that tells about the zombie epidemic.

Gameplay in Geneshift is varied enough for an isometric shooter. Key features of this battle royale include:

  • Short duration of matches. The duration of one game is 2 minutes;
  • Having a second chance after death. After a premature death, the player has the opportunity to return to this mortal world again, but in the guise of a zombie;
  • The system of tests and rewards for their implementation. These include murders with a knife or a somersault in the air in a car;
  • The abundance of weapons and vehicles;
  • Over 30 types of skills. Each of the skills is tied to a specific combat style, allowing you to beat the enemy tactically.

For a project with only one person working on it (the game has been in early access since 2017), Geneshift looks pretty decent. The well-developed environment and detailing of objects, together with the effects that accompany shooting and explosions, create a pleasant impression.


PUBG LITE is a lite version of the classic PUBG, designed to help owners of weak PCs to join the games in the battle royale genre. After all, it was the original of this project that popularized this genre and made it one of the most popular on the market.

PUBG LITE is a set of basic mechanics available in the regular version of the game. Gameplay -wise , it is not much different from its older brother. Significant changes affected mainly the technical part. It is thanks to them that the game has become less demanding on hardware. In PUBG LITE:

  • Simplified graphics. Textures and environment models leave much to be desired, but it was thanks to the downgrade of the visual component that we managed to achieve a significant increase in performance;
  • Changed shooting physics and ballistics. In the new version of PUBG, bullet flight calculation uses less computer processing power;
  • Added a new mode and bots. A 4×4 match is played by two teams of 4 people. After death, players are respawned immediately with weapons and go back to battle. The squad that first scores 40 points for killing opponents wins. Bots are present in classic mode. Their task is to increase the number of players to 100 people.

Recently it was reported that further support for PUBG LITE with new content has been suspended. Nothing is known about the future fate of the project, however, it is still available for download from the official website of the developers absolutely free. There are no problems with the search for matches at the moment either.

Despite the changes that have affected the graphical part of the game, PUBG LITE holds up well against the background of other royal battles. It makes no sense to expect more from low-resolution textures in this case.


Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! is a competitive battle royale game dedicated to the oldest martial art from Japan. Created by Strelka Games in 2020, the project has good prospects and can entertain gamers for a couple of evenings.

The whole essence of the game reveals its name. Every match in Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! presents a fight of 4 sumo wrestlers in a limited arena. Anyone who leaves its limits is out of the competition.

To win this battle, you must:

  • Learn the arenas and their features. Each of them has certain properties that can be used for your own purposes. Falling into seething lava or a bottomless abyss does not leave enemies a chance to survive;
  • Master the skills of every sumo wrestler. All available characters have their own advantages in terms of speed and strength. By combining them with different abilities, it will be possible to gain a significant advantage over the enemy.
  • New arenas and skins are dropped from chests that can be purchased with in-game currency. To earn it, you just need to win matches.

Minimalistic visual of Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble! created by simple hand-drawn graphics and uncomplicated effects. Looks pretty simple and tasteful.


Watchers is an action-packed isometric battle royale released on Steam in 2019 by Blindfold. While working on their new game, the developers relied on expanding the mechanics of the classic battle royale and managed to achieve significant gameplay variability.

The events of Watchers take place in a small American town. Appearing in one of the 9 available zones, the main character immediately finds himself in the thick of things. In the future, the game develops according to the standard battle royale scenario.

The gameplay is more than a simple battle royale. Each match in the game is divided into 2 stages:

  • Fighter. Waking up in a war zone, the gamer rushes to search for weapons and useful items. The battle royale is designed for only 24 participants, however, this does not prevent it from generating a large number of unpredictable situations. Most of them are due to the actions of already dead players.
  • Observer. This mode becomes available after death and allows you to influence the course of the overall match. The eliminated participants can somehow interact with those who remained on the battlefield, bet on their favorites and just have fun, calling a death ray or replacing the cartridges of living players with soap bubbles.

The visual component of Watchers is made in a colorful hand-drawn style, and the detailed study of the environment and attention to detail catches the eye even from a bird’s eye view. For a game with low system requirements, it looks quite attractive.

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