6 Best Multiplayer Games For Android

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft is quite a name and could change the landscape of a video game. His cubic style was so special that it served him dozens of games. From here, you can enter creative mode to create anything you like, or enter survival multiplayer and play with other friends, colleagues or family on the paid online server Minecraft Realms. You can create your own world for one of the best multiplayer. Minecraft will be around for years to come, and the version for Android won’t break anything compared to what it’s named after for PC and consoles. Another must-have for the ultimate multiplayer, enjoying from the comfort of your couch.

Black Desert Mobile

An entire MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Player Game) with Black Desert Mobile stands out in that you can do a variety of things. In addition to cooperating, forge alliances, create clans, or face the final boss . You can also create a site dedicated to growing and harvesting vegetables. Massively multiplayer online that is gaining in popularity and differs from the rest of the list. General content and games that more people can enjoy in the company.

Ignore star

We can talk about Clash Royale, but we stayed at Supercell with the recently released Brawl Stars. Some games battle three different players, this isometric view and the great work of this video game studio make it one of my favorite multiplayer players. It’s a very partial fee, but in return you can enjoy great elegance and visuals. Regular content and loot boxes to be the best.


We got one of the most played multiplayer games and must play board games we all know from the simplicity of making words out of letters. It’s a simple game to play with your family and you can connect with your friends by linking your Facebook account. It’s been on Android for years, but it’s a relaxing and calming game, but it should be on this list because it has all the multiplayer aspects that make it the main protagonist of this list.

killed by sunlight

The second on the list is dedicated. The best multiplayer horror right now . It came out on Android a few days ago and it’s going to be a four-player, four-on-four game, which means it’s an invincible killer. It’s like being in a horror movie where we have to fix three engines to save our lives. You can then open the door to find the exit. Improve your skills as you progress through the levels and unlock both the good guy and the invincible assassin. It’s a real nightmare from PC and console to get terrified on mobile. Remarkable.

Pocket monster masters

We very often end our list with another game. It has tens of thousands of followers all over the world. You can train your Pokemon and fight other players. Turn-based combat continues to this day and is the content we often look forward to. We are facing a gacha, so you already know what awaits you with those loot boxes. It’s a time-saving benefit as far as microtransactions are available, but it’s still a very interesting multiplayer sub-pay and completes the list.

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